The General Natividad Water Distirct (GNWD) was formed when the Gen. Natividad Sangguniang Bayan passed Resolution No. 29 on March 15, 1996. A water district once formed is subject to the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 198 otherwise known as Provincial Water Utilities Act of 1973 and not under the jurisdiction of any political subdivision. The Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA) issued Certificate of Conformance No. 353 on August 15, 1988 to Gen. Natividad Water District.

With no system to operate and no operating revenues, the initial Board of Directors (BOD) of GNWD focused its attention and efforts to the realization of its own water system. It named Lt. Ernesto S. Carino as the water district’s first general manager who facilitated communications and arrangements with LWUA as regards to projects. The initial funds came from Senator Alberto Romulo channeled as loan to LWUA. The first project comprised of one deep-well, 38 cubic meter water tank, pumping station, electro-mechanical equipment, transmission and distribution pipelines and stand-by generator set which gave way to GNWD to become operational in April, 1998.

GNWD is categorized as “Category D” water district and is presently headed by Ms. Mary Jane S. Vera. She was appointed as General Manager in July, 2000 upon the compulsory retirement of her predecessor General Manager Lt. Ernesto S. Carino.